Sacred products only use Full Spectrum CBD sourced from hemp plants.
Sacred CBD has two forms of products: topical and oral.


Full Spectrum or CBD Isolate

CBD is showing up more and more in everyday products. Many of these products are made with CBD isolate or full spectrum. Learning which one of them works for you and knowing the difference between the two can be beneficial. Each has CBD in them but the strengths of them differ and what is contained in each as well. CBD is a naturally occurring substance that comes from the hemp plant and can provide relief when used. CBD products on the market are not all the same. Reading the labels to see which product contains what is the best way to see what will work best for you.

CBD or cannabidiol is a naturally occurring substance that is derived from the hemp plant. CBD has been seen to help with seizures, inflammation,pain, psychosis or mental disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, nausea, migraines, depression, and even anxiety issues. CBD is available in oral and topical forms. The topical use of the lotion and balm are for targeted pain and soreness relief. Where the oral consumption is for an all over alleviation for pain, soreness and other ailments. Topical and oral CBD are both highly effective in lessening pain and other discomforts. CBD is understood to be a natural supplement that can help with many issues a person may face without having any side effects. CBD mostly comes in two different types of oils, full spectrum and CBD isolate.

Full spectrum CBD oil is derived from the hemp plant. It is called full spectrum because the oil contains more than just CBD and it contains a large CBD content but a low THC content and, including flavonoids, terpenes and other cannabinoids like CBN, CBDV, THCV, CBG, CBC, THCA, CBDA. The increased amount of cannabinoids can have a beneficial interaction with the body and help more than just CBD on its own. For those worried about the THC amount in the full spectrum, the percent of THC in the CBD oil is less than .3 which will not give off a “high” feeling when used. Full spectrum CBD oils are full of extra cannabinoids and are not just specifically CBD like other oils.

CBD Isolate is exactly as it sounds just the CBD from the hemp plant. This oil just has the CBD in the oil without the THC or any other cannabinoids as the full spectrum does. The isolate is purified and only contains what most want and does not contain anything that could cause a high feeling. Many believe that the purified CBD is the best way to get the full effects of it. Since there are no other cannabinoids or THC that all the benefits will be had from the CBD. Yet Isolates are not as powerful as the full spectrum oils are.

Understanding the differences between the isolate and full spectrum is knowing what benefits you may get with each type of CBD oil. Sacred’s products are all made with full spectrum CBD and provide a high quality cbd oil. Each of Sacred’s products have under .3% of THC meaning there will be no “high” feelings after use. Find a Sacred product that fits your needs today.Whether it’s tincture, gel caps, balms or lotions, Sacred has you covered.