Sacred products only use Full Spectrum CBD sourced from hemp plants. Sacred CBD has two forms of products: topical and oral.

CBD and Sleep Help


Everyone wants a good night’s sleep. Some can get one and others struggle with getting a restful night sleep. It can be hard to figure out what can help get you to sleep like counting sheep, a warm glass of milk, calming white noise and more remedies. Finding a natural sleep remedy that works for […]

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Stress and Anxiety Help While at Home


Stress and anxiety are on the rise now that everyone is staying home. Limiting the interaction between others can increase stress and how that stress can be handled. As stress increases, anxiety levels can as well. Managing these issues […]

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Full Spectrum or CBD Isolate


CBD is showing up more and more in everyday products. Many of these products are made with CBD isolate or full spectrum. Learning which one of them works for you and knowing the difference between the two can be beneficial. Each has CBD in them but the strengths of them differ and what is contained […]

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CBD and THC Knowing the Difference


CBD and THC often get confused about what is what and whether both give you a high feeling. This can be stemmed from the fact that both are found naturally in the cannabis genus of plants. Each can be extracted from these plants. Yet each of these compounds interacts with the body differently. Learning what […]

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Benefits of CBD use


Many have to turn to it as a natural remedy for help with pain, soreness, anxiety, sleep issues and even skin issues. Each use of CBD and how it interacts with the endocannabinoid system is different from person to person. CBD can be useful and help with biological and cognitive processes. It is all about […]

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Workouts and CBD


After a workout whether it’s a high intensity or a low impact, recovery after them is always necessary. The aches and pains that come after a workout are frustrating and can be a nuisance. Each time you workout the body creates inflammation and muscle strains. Over time there can be a build up of inflammation […]

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