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Why CBD with Health & Wellness Guru Keli Roberts

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CBD is somewhat of a taboo topic for those who have not yet tried it. While it has become more widely accepted and discussed, there are still stigmas around this natural ingredient derived from plants. We’ve seen firsthand how CBD can be utilized to enrich one’s life from the inside out with fitness guru and Sacred Essentials enthusiast, Keli Roberts.

You may know Roberts from her booming career in the fitness industry as she has lead classes and workshops worldwide that encompass anything from personal training to cycling. However, you may not know that Roberts battles a rare autoimmune disease that causes muscle weakening as well as an arthritic back. Even with these major discomforts, she continues to perform at the highest of levels and even enjoys 100-mile bike rides. So, how does she do it? She credits CBD for allowing her to carry on doing the activities she loves.

Given how much it has helped her, Roberts has done extensive research on CBD and how it impacts the body. We knew she was the perfect person to squash misconceptions around CBD by answering commonly asked questions and sharing her personal experience.

There is a common misconception that CBD and marijuana are the same thing. What is the main difference between the two?

This is a loaded question, so let’s break it down. Cannabis is the plant that is comprised of three plants that have shown impacts on the human body. However, it is commonly referred to as marijuana.

While the cannabis plant contains more than 120 components, we have a strong understanding on two of them: Cannabidiol (CBD) and Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is the chemical found in marijuana that is responsible for that ‘high’ feeling as it is very psychoactive. While CBD can be derived from both hemp and marijuana, it has the ability to bind with certain receptors in the body to alleviate a variety of discomforts.

Speaking of discomforts, you have a rare autoimmune disease that has no cure or even treatments. Can you tell us more about it and how you’re managing pain?

Absolutely. I suffer from a very rare autoimmune disease called polymyositis that, as you mentioned, has no cure. This is an inflammatory disease that impacts my muscles causing them to become weak which results in pain, fatigue, and inflammation. This makes it difficult to perform any type of physical activity – even getting up from a chair can be a challenge.

My career and passions revolve around physical activity, so it’s important for me to manage this pain without any sort of medication. When you have something so rare, there isn’t anything available to help. That was until I found CBD.

What are the benefits of CBD and how has it helped you specifically?

In order to understand the benefits, it’s important to understand why and how it can help us. Our bodies are regulated by a complex network of messengers and receptors called the endocannabinoid system. This system regulates a majority of our body’s essential functions like pain perception, sleep cycles, and muscle movement.  Ideally, this system would produce enough messengers to keep our system operating smoothly, however, they are broken down by the body quickly. When we’re under stress, our body’s production of endocannabinoids slows down and creates a deficiency. This is where incorporating CBD on a regular basis can really help.

When you look at me, you may not be able to tell that I suffer from severe backpain. I lead an active lifestyle, participate in triathlons, and perform at a high level. However, if you take a look at my MRI, you’ll notice nine budging discs and a 48-degree deviation. My doctor couldn’t believe that I was the person in the scan!

Utilizing CBD in my daily routine has helped me manage much more than my backpain. I’ve been using it to help with my autoimmune disease, arthritis, and even poor sleep. I battled insomnia for two years and am finally able to manage it and enjoy better sleep thanks to CBD.

It is important to note that my results and experience may vary from yours. If you have any medical conditions, please discuss treatment options and CBD usage with your doctor.

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For those who may not know, is there more than one way to take CBD?

Yes! You can reap the benefits of CBD in a variety of ways depending on your preference and needs. You’ll find CBD in the form of topicals, edibles, capsules, and tinctures/oils. You also have the option to create your own CBD-infused creation! A muscle recovery smoothie with a few drops of a CBD tincture would be a delight post workout.

What is your favorite way to use CBD?

A topical option infused with CBD works best for my needs and lifestyle. I love to incorporate Sacred Essentials’ CBD Infused Pain Balm into my recovery routine. The olive oil-based balm includes a blend of essential oils, menthol, and Full Spectrum CBD oil that is perfect for alleviating muscle tension. I massage a small amount (dime sized is all you need!) onto the area that needs relief. I’ll even take it a step further by using a massage gun to get deeper into the muscle.

A special thank you to Keli Roberts for her insightful conversation and answers. We look forward to continuing these types of conversations to eliminate misconceptions around such a powerful plant-based ingredient. If you’re looking for a quality CBD to incorporate into your routine, Sacred Essentials has a wide range of products to support you and your journey.

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