Sacred products only use Full Spectrum CBD sourced from hemp plants.
Sacred CBD has two forms of products: topical and oral.


Why Two is Better than One – Creating A CBD System

CBD products, such as those from Sacred CBD, come in both topical and ingestible forms. Topical CBD products, like lotions, balms, and body sticks are designed to be used on areas of pain and inflammation. CBD Tinctures and Gel Caps are designed to be ingested as a daily supplement. Topical and ingestible CBD works with the body’s endocannabinoid system in different ways. 

CBD targets the nerve endings and cannabinoid receptors in your body. Cannabinoid receptors are part of your body’s endocannabinoid system, which can affect and influence many vital body functions. These receptors are found throughout the body and can affect things such as pain sensation, mood, sleep, and much more. 

Topical products can interact with these sensors to help soothe aches and pains while reducing inflammation. In fact, many topical products like those found from Sacred CBD, also contain other pain fighting and soothing ingredients that can help give instant, localized relief.

Ingestible or internal CBD can be taken sublingually (under the tongue) or added to your coffee, tea, etc. It absorbs directly into your bloodstream and reaches the cannabinoid receptors throughout the body. When used daily, CBD Tinctures or Gel Caps may help fight pain, stress, anxiety, or difficulty sleeping. It may also help boost your immune system and promote gut health. For those in need of extra relief, Sacred CBD has Extra-Strength 1500mg Tinctures that come in Chocolate or Vanilla flavors. 

Combining both topical products and ingestibles gives you double the benefits. Sacred CBD user, Melinda, has found success with using a daily tincture in conjunction with the balm and body stick.  

However you decide to incorporate CBD into your daily routine, Sacred CBD has System Bundles that offer up to 33% savings when compared to buying the products separately.  

Our Vanilla and Chocolate Freedom System Bundles combine our two most popular products – our Signature Pain Balm and a CBD Wellness Tincture of your choice. They also come with a convenient pouch to store your Sacred products when travelling or on-the-go.

Our On-the-Go System Bundle features our convenient, portable CBD Body Stick and a CBD Wellness Tincture of your choice. Micro-dose throughout the day to help relieve pain, stress, and anxiety.Our Signature AM/PM System Bundle incorporates 3 amazing Sacred CBD products – our signature Pain Balm, fast-absorbing Pain Lotion, and a CBD Wellness Tincture of your choice.